Frustration Led to Innovation

Klavs Tarp, practitioner and co-founder of bodydox, gave this interview to talk about how his frustration with short term success standards drove him to become an IT innovator. He talks about why health is important, the key feature of bodydox and how it can motivate other practitioners.

An Odd Pair

By: Susanne Lea Bech

The founders of bodydox – Klavs and Jens – are an odd pair. One is short and square the other long and slender, one practitioner the other scientist. Together they form a dynamic partnership and when they talk about how their vision of bodydox is turning into reality, their eyes light up.

As a practitioner Klavs has a background in massage and physical therapy, Mulligan mobilization, TRE and Structural Integration. Jens has a master of science in engineering and PhD degree from the Technical University of Denmark. They are obviously different and according to themselves that is what makes it work – each one looking to learn from the other.


Introduce IT into clinical practice with dreamlike usefulness soaked with client centricity.


Create a succesful business by expanding humans beings capacity for health.


Encourage accountability, long term methodology and informed clinical practice.

Our Statement

To lead the creation of a new healthness industry. Solving clients physical struggles, through holistic, creative and adaptive solutions. Create immense value by inspiring human beings to lead healthy, meaningful and productive lives.


Safeguarding every piece of data is our first priority.


Understanding the whole while working the parts brings clarity.


We are powered by passion to discover what is outside the box.


Competence gives us the key to build the IT tool we know is needed.


Healthness is a sustainable and sustainable and ever increasing capacity for health in humans beings. It is the result of working with the client’s whole body over time. The purpose is to improve the body’s dynamic ability to absorb, distribute and release physical tension and for the client to embrace their innate human talent of being adaptable to change. more...

Our commitment to healthness is influenced by the scientific field of fascia. Fascia has been overlooked and its friends , muscles and bones, got all the attention. Lately it has become evident that fascia is the anatomical tissue that absorbs, distributes and releases tension in our bodies. Bodydox’ key feature is to collect a bodyimage because it visualizes the condition of the fascial system. Similar to how the condition of a bone structure is visualized in an x-ray.

In more spiritual or existential terms fascia is the tissue of being – of awareness – while muscle is the tissue of doing – of action. This relationship is as intertwined and mutually dependent as a fish and its water bowl. The condition of our fascial system provides us with the immediate environment that is our very own individual “water bowl”. All our human doing emerges from an environment that is human being. And it is on each of us to shape that environment so it suits the way we wish to function in the best possible way.

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